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Remember when your new block-paved driveway or patio looked great – just after it was installed? But now, a few years later, how’s it looking?

It’s a familiar story. Over time, all outside surfaces – patios and driveways as well as paths, roofs and walls – all get dirty. And if that’s your problem, the solution is just a phone call away. Here at Hampshire Pavewash, we know how to return your surfaces to as-new condition. Just contact us here, or call us on 02381947411 or 07434 638 888.

About Hampshire Pavewash

We specialise in high pressure cleaning, and it’s all we do. We have the right equipment, the best treatments, and we know how to use them properly. We’re a family business, operating throughout Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire, and this local focus means we value our reputation for quality work, delivered at the right price and the right time. For more information about Hampshire Pavewash, just contact us.

The professional approach

DIY pressure-washers are fine for cleaning your cars and windows. But they are simply not powerful enough for driveways, patios, blockwork, tarmac, walls and other external surfaces. We only use petrol-driven rotary flat-surface cleaners, professional equipment that has the power to carefully deep-clean every bit of the surface, without damaging anything or leaving streaks. To find out more, just call us.

The very best materials

We clean using high-strength herbicides and fungicides that will get rid of weeds, moss and lichen, and will provide long-lasting protection against renewed growth. We can also re-seal surfaces with a high-quality HD resin sealant that goes in deep to protect against dirt, oils, moss and lichen. The sealant also prevents colour-fading and, because it solidifies the sand joint-filler, inhibits weed re-growth. Just contact us for a free quotation.

Good as new

Once we’ve cleaned your driveway or patio, we replace any damaged grout or concrete joints, and we refill block-paved joints with fresh kiln-dried sand. Once this sand is sealed, it hardens like concrete to enhance the “as new” look and feel, as well as giving long-term protection against invasive weeds. To find out how we can make your patio or driveway look good as new, contact us

Residential & commercial properties

We work on both domestic and business properties, but whether it’s an office car-park or a domestic patio, we take the same professional, quality-focused approach to every job we do. Get in the experts from Hampshire Pavewash to bring your external surfaces back to life: just contact us Directory of Southampton Pressure Washing - Southampton

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